Cultist Simulator: The Exile, a role-playing card game

Role-play games are a special kind, arent they? you can be who you want, do what you want, and you don’t really need to abide by the set rules of the game (a hero, can also become an Anti-hero)

Well. today I have a special game that I been playing past a couple of days. its CULTIST simulator. basically, you are a person living in a magical world in search of the holy grail. We all know that all roleplay games are just the evolution of table-board games, in which it involves the element of luck. This game is basically the same, but instead of units and free movement in-game, you deal with cards, that decide your actions. dealing, or getting different cards throughout the game will give you an opportunity to employ different tactics to go forward in-game. There are also opportunities where you can have dialogs with other characters and your choice of question, or answer can change the outcome (just like any other good RPG out there)

When I say cards, I am not saying just a bunch…it has many cards for any scenario and tactics imaginable throughout the game, which will give you a sense of playing a fully functional immersing RPG..on a table!


I recommend these games for anyone who loves RPG and adventure but looks for a different type of game, where it’s not “move from point A to point B and destroy things’. Also recommending this game to anyone who play traditional RPG board games (such as warhammer..both tabletop and boardgame) it will give you the same enjoyment, but you dont need to have tons of card laying around, take 0 space (basically your screen) and get instantly cleaned (exit)

This game is actually perfect for people who don’t want to be invested in a huge RPG world but still enjoy the thrill that they bring. It’s truly a game for busy gamers everywhere!


Introducing “Foundation”, aka medieval SimCity!

Have you guys ever played SimCity before? you know, getting a land, then start making houses and jobs for people, lots of entertainments and then just sit back and enjoy a sight of a dynamic, crowded city?

If you played that game and enjoyed it, you gonna LOVE playing Foundation! this game is similar o SimCity, but it’s set back about 1000 years ago. yep, there are no cars, no office jobs, or studio apartments, but you going to deal with a medieval city, its housing, its sanitation, its production, and people.

It’s both similar and very different from your other city building games you experienced before. the similarity is obviously the city building experience, but the difference is astronomical.

First of all, the environment and graphic of this game is just simply alluring and welcoming. make sure to play this game on high resolution for maximum entertainment. another aspect is its unique economical aspect, in which you basically start with a little village and a plot of land to farm, but as you develop, you turn it into a huge, dynamic, and beautiful metropolitan area.

maxresdefault (4)

I also really enjoyed the historical accuracy (even though they had some ‘tweaks’ here and there) regarding the economics and lifestyle back then. as you should know by now, I am a history buff and enjoy anything about history 🙂

I really hope you enjoy playing this game, as much as I did. have a wonderful day, learning about medieval city management!

Internet Cafe Simulator, a dream come true?

hi guys, today we got another simulator game/job on our hand. today we look at how good can we be, managing an interent/gaming cafe!

have you ever been in one of these place? if you are old school, or you ever visited korea or japan, you can see these places operating. in korea, somethimes you eve can see them operate 24/7!

have you wonder how would it be like to operate one of these place? in real life these places USED TO be (keyword: used to be) profitable. becaseu of advancemnt of technology, nowadays most people can have high speed interent and people always prefe the comfort of their home, than a strange internet cafe!

for this reason, its very risky to experaince this in real life. but here, in the gaming world we can experaince this. and the best part is, its not just some vanilla job trying to satisy customer sorta thing! i mean you help customer but you have more things in this game to have fun with!

your main/ boring job is to provide better euqipments/gaming/interent system to provide a better experiance for your customer. the usual thing…rent a place, make it look nice, make more money, go rent another place…and so on.

but in this game, you can also get involved in more risky behavior, for more rewards. this is always can get messier with involvment in law enforcment and hacking, all sorts of fun!

the most interesting aspect i find about this is an immersive interent it has, amazon, dating websties and tons of other things, legal and illigal, that you can choose to pay with regualr money, or if illigal, with cryptocurrencies!


i really recommend you guys to play this, you are going to have a lot of fun with this game.

i gurantee it!

Taur (HOODLUM), a tower defense with good strategy!

today game, is a tower defense/strategy sci-fi game with brilliant graphics and effect made by a Echo Entertainment, which interesignly made by ONE PERSON!

this alone is very amazing, knowing that such an interesting game cameout of  labor of one person, in term of art, programming and design, and even marketing!

moving on to the premise of this game. basically you are trying to defend your homeworld agasint a relentless planetery invasion. as all tower defenses, you have acess to a very heavy arsenal of weaponery to defend agasint this invasion. now this game, being sci-fi have much more weaponery than you need to entertain and exite your brain with it.

OIP (1)

everything in this game, winning, explosions and even defeats, will effect your emotions and make you even more invested in the game. the inspiring art of this project would only make this more prounced on the players.

i seriously recommend this game to anyone, not only to support a one-manned company and the vision, but also becasue of the graphics, art and uniqe play of this game. even if you dont care for any of this, and just interested in tower-defense, i still recommend this, because it will certainly make you happy.

this gamr is avalible to purchase through STEAM.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, not really!

ok, today we got another battle simulation here! (i promise its the last one…maybe)

now, I hope you guys remember the last 2 games that I mentioned here.

mix those 2 battle simulation games and you basically get this game out of them.

its a funny, silly, relaxed game, that involves basically everything battling each other, swords, smoke, mammoths, guns, etc.

as you can notice, these battles are not as accurate as of the last game I reviewed but it still has some tactics you can employ as you fight! one of the things that make me fall in love with this game is its silly antiques and graphics.

maxresdefault (3)

honesty these few days was one of my best gaming days, because I tried so many of these battle simulation games and overall had a great time.

I hope you enjoy your time shooting cannons at the incoming mammoth army! or … you can just send your giant army. it’s all on you!

Shieldwall and becoming Julius Caesar

I am a history buff and enjoy reading about history. I believe that people’s mistakes and the way they overcome challenges can be a guide for us. one of my favorite historical figures is Julius Ceasar. that arrogance, that confidence, and that tactical brilliance made him the figure we know of today. still, there are so many things that people don’t know about him, that for example, he was beloved by common people of Rome, and his Gaul campaign was not to conquer Gaul (current France) but to defend Gauls from Helvetia migrants (from Germany). Gauls always feared germans, german literally means neighbor in the Celtic language, not a good neighbor though. it means a bad neighbor, one that pillage and rape.

anyway, moving on from history.

today we have another strategy battle simulation, but this time, with much more historical context. games were always a source of history for me. the total wars especially. now this game is not so lavish and extravagant like total war or other similar titles. but its simplicity and uniqueness gave it enough charm, and so I tried it out.

its physics is on point, most of the battles are accurate (in case of units, tactics, and weapons). it’s completely based on famous wars in Ceasar campaigns, and the ability to control your own units and deploying siege tactics, while defending your own castle made it even more interesting.


It can be a good start if you want to learn a bit of history while having fun. its especially a good choice for the boring weekends we currently have, thanks to COVID-19.

I hope you didn’t mind my little history listen. sometimes, it’s hard to stop myself. lol

hope you have a good Monday.

Evolution Battle Simulator: Prehistoric Times, a dumb funny game to play!

today, we have a dumb game on our hand. its one of those games when you just want to chill and do or watch something dumb.

well, this game is certainly can be your top choice. its chill, it’s funny, its dumb, non-serious, and relaxed. I mean look at the plot! you basically manage a bunch of dum-dums, fighting with other dum-dums and even dumber animals, in a prehistoric warzone. Besides a not-so-accurate physics of the game make it even funnier.

just think about this scenario: you just came back from work, stressed because of corona and boss, and you just want to relax. wouldn’t it be fun, to watch some stone-age people fight a bunch of mammoths? the best part is, that you control the outcome. so its always, always what you want. compare to the harsh cold reality, you are the god here!


I recommend this game, for whoever stressed and just want to chill and have a bit of fun. I mean this game is so dumb and absurd, that playing it with undoubtedly put a smile on your beautiful face!

have a good day!

Good Company, on thrills of owning a robotic factory

I was always fond of tycoon games. where you get to be a CEO, or mayor, a king or even a god, and then manage your factory, or city, or empire, or even your creation.

let’s be real here. most of us may never get to be a tycoon. it’s too risky, it’s hard, it takes many years to flourish, and it still may fail. so what you do, when you watch an interview with Elon musk and get the urge to become a tech tycoon?!

you play this game! just get this game, install, and instantly become the CEO of your very own robotic startup company! zero risks and with all the thrills. you can just fail, and move on, and if you become successful, you will feel great.

trust me! the human brain is too stupid to distinguish 3d reality from a 2d screen. so whenever you win a challenge, or successfully finish a contract, or expand your business or even crush your competition, guess what!?! your brain will reward you with EXACT chemicals that a workaholic will receive.

the difference though? a workaholic won’t be able to join his/her family, while you, will be always with them.

ss_22a841e3ec1c5ac6f3079caae82c78187891652d.1920x1080I seriously recommend this game, if you are interested in business/ trades highs, but don’t want to risk it over your own life, especially during the pandemic.

one last advice though. be careful when you play this game. you may actually develop workaholic tendencies when playing this game.

moderation is the key!

Besiege, a chance to build a war machine!

here is an interesting Indie game, folks. basically, you get to build your Warmachine, by working with the physical rules and equipment you have and destroy armies and buildings.

now I play these games before. but what I really like about this one, is that you got nothing to limit your imagination. like nothing really, besides your creativity.

you can make a simple tank, or you can make a giant Godzilla that kills people by burning them. or you can make SMOG from LOTR, instead, it will be a mechanical beast that flies around and make BBQ out of people. you can even make a nordic giant that plow throw armies and destroy everything.maxresdefault (2)

its a puzzle, and a strategy and one of the games I recommend to anyone, who thinks they lack imagination and creativity.

why don’t you just get this game, and play for 30 min? you will quickly see that not only that you don’t lack creativity and imagination, but you actually overflown with these resources.

I bet you gonna have a great time destroying things, using the power of your mind!

subnautica: below zero, a dream come true!

hi guys.

let me tell you about one of the hobbies I have: swimming!

ye, I really like swimming. in fact, I been swimming since I was 5.

I swam in lakes, rivers, pools, ocean, sea, ponds, everywhere.

one of the things, that I consider a fantasy at this point, was to be able to take off and get away from civilization, on a small boat with reverse osmosis water filtration, diving equipment, a lot of oxygen tanks, and enough baits to fish. I would just be in sea, swimming, fishing, tanning, and living while enjoying the scenery, such as sunset and sunrise, for a few months, with my dog of course.

well, we can’t do that, can we? first, there are money issues, then its responsibilities issues.

however, this game gave me all I wanted!

subnautica original was an amazing game on its own. but I wanted something. away from a tropical environment, something a bit more challenging, something with a different type of scenery.

then BELOW ZERO came!

NOW I can spend MONTHS in the sea, swimming, fishing, building, exploring, farming. I recommend this game because of the sense of happiness I got from it is amazing. its a bit challenging, but I had 0 stress playing, and in fact, have been even more chill after playing it.

after all, our brain can’t distinguish real from fantasy, so when I play this game, my brain actually thinks I am living my fantasy and it just pumps me with dopamine. I seriously recommend this game for all you guys.

it really gonna make you feel better.

I know you guys have fantasies too, is this one of them? be sure to tell me about your fantasies and what games you play that are similar to it?